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Caliber Mechanical Commercial plumbing


The experts at Caliber have lots of experience in the commercial plumbing and mechanical industry and offer services that business owners in the Portland area need. Caliber is invested in finding the perfect HCAV and plumbing systems for your building.

Heating and Cooling

At Caliber Plumbing & Mechanical, our goal is to offer quality commercial heating and cooling system installation and service for all of our valued customers in Portland, OR. We have the expert hand to install the best HVAC systems for your commercial space and repair and maintenance your current system fast.


When it comes to commercial plumbing systems, it’s important to have people with expertise and experience in the industry do your commercial installation and maintenance. At Caliber Plumbing and Mechanical we have that experience and expertise.

Service Contracts

Caliber offers commercial service contracts to keep up maintenance in commercial plumbing and heating and cooling systems. Regular maintenance is the key to long lasting system quality and avoiding major repairs down the line.