A plumbing system malfunction can be disastrous in a commercial or industrial setting. When you need a solution fast, Caliber Plumbing and Mechanical is who to call!

Our experienced professionals will identify  your plumbing problems and find solutions that will have your building functioning correctly for years to come.

Some of our plumbing services include:

  • Old, Deteriorating Pipe Replacement
  • Line Locating Services
  • Jet-Vacuum Cleaning and Hydro Jetting
  • Boiler System Repairs and Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is important to prevent major accidents and the need for future repairs. Caliber provides regular plumbing maintenance work to many business and government agencies to keep their buildings running properly.

Our skilled technicians make quick and clean installations, no matter the project. Whether it's replacements, remodels, or new construction - Caliber always has your needs, budget, and timeline in mind. We work directly with your contractors for the smoothest construction process possible and handle all permitting and inspections so you don't have to.

Caliber Plumbing and Mechanical is who you should trust for the best commercial and industrial plumbing services in the Portland area. Call us at 503-206-7591 or fill out the contact below to get a quote today!

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